Dragonfly Surface Inc.
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Our History

Dragonfly’s genesis stems from both the personal vision of its founders and the needs of its then future customers. In the beginning, most every designer or manufacturer we spoke to voiced similar concerns about the lack of unique, quality materials available locally in Western Canada for use in their projects. Such experiences, further marred with inconsistent delivery times and poor customer support meant that these businesses were at the mercy of limited product lines from suppliers based much too far away to be concerned with the trials and tribulations of a few companies on the far side of the continent.

Determined to make a difference, and gently encouraged by a growing group of businesses eager to have an exclusive local supplier of unique materials for their own projects, Dragonfly was launched in early 2005 to become what we feel is the most comprehensive distributor of premium upholstery and surface covering materials in Western Canada.

Dragonfly’s Mission

Dragonfly provides the means to compliment client ingenuity in design and workmanship by making available the world’s best and most innovative surface coverings through its close relationships with every customer and supplier.

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