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Micro fibers- Main

Just about every where you look these days, from furniture to automotive to marine interiors, micro fibers can be found. As with most materials these days though you have two options, the original quality material or the cheap knock off. This is especially prevalent when it comes to micro fibers as the market is flooded with cheap imitations. What makes these materials so different is their durability, richness and range of colours, and specifications. The cheaper materials tend to be available in a limited range of colours, and due to their inferior quality start to pile and breakdown much faster significantly reducing that amount of time they look like new. DRAGONFLY offers a number of different micro fiber options that will provide you with superior quality materials that are non piling, hardwearing machine washable, and are guaranteed to out perform most micro fiber on the market today.

  • Rolls are 54-55” wide by 55mt long

  • DRAGONFLY micro fibers offer superior comfort and performance

  • Water and spot resistant

  • Non piling, hardwearing material

  • Offers one of the richest and extensive colour pallets available, the standard range alone consisting of 60 colours

  • Easy to care for and clean, and are machine washable


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