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Vinyl – Main

DRAGONFLY offers a wide range of vinyl suitable for applications in a number of different industries and sectors. To assist you in finding the right vinyl for your application we have broken down our vinyl into 3 main categories. All of our vinyl is of European origin, and come from ISO companies insuring that the vinyl is of the highest quality and meets international standards. DRAGONFLY has divided its range of vinyl into Upholstery, Automotive, and Marine/Outdoor to make it easier to find the right vinyl for your application. DRAGONFLY has focused on offering as wide and varied a range of vinyl as the applications that they are used in. Whether it is faux suede, faux leather, animal print, textured or plain DRAGONFLY is sure to have something to meet your requirements.

  • Upholstery Vinyl consists of vinyl that is suitable for use in all domestic and contract upholstery applications

  • Automotive Vinyl consists of standard vinyl and Exact Match vinyl that have been created specifically for use in automotive applications

  • Exact Match Vinyl has been created in conjunction with a range of leather, the result is leather and vinyl with the exact same colour and grain

  • Marine/Outdoor Vinyl consists of a wide range of vinyl options specially created to withstand the extreme abuse that is common in marine applications

Vinyl - Upholstery

Vinyl like leather is not all made equal. Premium vinyls are vinyl’s that offer superior quality, colour range and depth or colour not to mention variety. Although vinyl is usually better suited for and used in contract, hospitality, and commercial applications, DRAGONFLY has found a number of vinyl options that can easily make the transition to other areas such as domestic furniture, wall treatments, and blinds.

  • Wide range of rich colours

  • highly specified vinyl suitable for both contract and residential applications

  • superior quality backing

  • unique patterns and finishes

Vinyl - Automotive

DRAGONFLY offers a wide range of Automotive grade vinyl. All of our Automotive vinyl is European and meets all ISO standards for automotive vinyl. In a number of automotive applications the most important thing is finding a vinyl that matches the leather you are using. DRAGONFLY kept this in mind when selecting the vinyl to be offered in this range. Our regular Automotive Vinyl was selected as the colours and embossed pattern closely match our Automobile Leather. For situations where an exact match is requires DRAGONFLY offers Exact Match Vinyl. This range was developed in combination with a range of standard automobile leather to provide a vinyl that is indistinguishable for the leather in colour and grain.

  • Over 100 standard colours

  • 20 Exact Match colours

  • Faux suede, animal print and metallic patterns and colours available

  • Super Stretch vinyl that stretches in every direction, perfect for motorcycle and skidoo saddles

  • UV protected

  • Highly specified meeting ISO standards for Automotive vinyl

Suitable applications for this material include: door panels, seating, motorcycle saddles, skidoo saddles

Vinyl - Marine/ Outdoor

Marine applications require specific materials to stand up to the extreme conditions that occur in marine environments. Marine materials require special types of backing, UV protection and need to be salt water resistant to increase their longevity. Often this results in a very basic range of vinyl being available for marine applications. DRAGONFLY Marine Vinyl offers you a wider range of colours and patterns, and also offers a range of padding options. Marine vinyl is by nature manufactured to withstand the elements which makes it perfect for all sorts of other outdoor applications. Regatta is a perfect example of a marine vinyl perfectly suited for the outdoor furniture market. Regatta is a stripped vinyl with the stripes available in varying widths and colours.

  • Standard roll size is 54-55” wide by 35mt long

  • Available in standard Marine colours as well as a range of new colour and patterns

  • High quality backing designed specifically for marine applications

  • UV protected and salt water resistant

  • Padded and embossed options available

  • Marine vinyl is perfect for a wide range of other outdoor applications such as outdoor furniture

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