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Stone Veneer – Main

Stone Veneer is a versatile product which can be used in architectural, interior, and furniture design applications as a decorative surface covering material. Unlike synthetic products which attempt to mimic stone, each unique Stone Veneer sheet has its own distinct colour, grain, and 3-dimensional texture because it has been cut from an actual piece of natural stone. Surfaces which previously would have been difficult or impossible to cover with real stone can now be finished by almost anyone with basic woodworking skills. Use it for backsplashes, wall coverings, fireplaces, furniture, or any other application you envision that meets the materials capabilities.

Product Features:


  • Real Stone - 2mm thick and Flexible
    Changing the perception of stone forever,
    you can now cut, bend, and glue Stone
    Veneer to create a natural stone surface
    almost anywhere

  • Low Installation Cost
    No expensive labour, tools or materials
    required - simply trim to size, finish, and
    glue to wood or other substrates

  • Ten Stone Choices
    Slate-rock in various colours, textures,
    and compositions gives each stone sheet
    a unique and natural look

  • Wide Ranging Decorative Applications
    From wall coverings to furniture, Stone Veneer
    can be used in many environments and

For more information on Stone Veneer and its many applications, please contact us. Samples are available upon request.

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