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Woven Leather - Main

DRAGONFLY is constantly searching for innovative materials and leather to bring to our clients. If you are looking to make a real statement or are looking to instantly create a focal point in any space then DRAGONFLY Woven Leather is the perfect solution. Our woven Leather is made from 100% Premium European hides. These hides are cut into long thin strips and then woven in over 100 different patterns and 1000 different colour and pattern combinations. DRAGONFLY Woven Leather must been seen and held in person to fully appreciate the beauty of the material and the craftsmanship that went in to creating it.

  • Woven leather is available in two grades

  • Strips used for weaving are available in 2mm-10mm widths

  • Up to 4 different colours can be incorporated into the weave

  • Weaves can be entirely leather or can be a combination of leather and other materials

  • We can work with you in creating exclusive custom designs and patterns

Suitable applications for woven leather include: chairs, couches, ottomans, cubes, wall covering, rugs, pillows and a number of other interior applications.


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