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Smoked Veneer

Dark woods and stains are in high demand today - and to many consumers - synonymous with contemporary styling. As a result, every storefront, residence and office is exploding with espresso this, black-brown that. But as with all things popular, we believe its good to stay ahead of a trend. Dragonfly went looking for materials that complimented this current colour palette, yet offered a unique, unmistakable edge. And then, in a far off corner of Europe, we found it. A unique process of “smoking” certain species of wood that created rich colours and deep undertones we had never seen before. The results are nothing short of breathtaking.


The "Fumed" Wood Process

Put simply, carefully chosen pieces of wood are placed in a chamber where they undergo a “fumigation process”. A chemical reaction between ammonia and the tannic acids contained naturally within the wood changes light coloured wood into darker, rich colours. The more tannic acid, the darker the wood gets. The effect of this completely harmless process creates warm hues within the wood that can not be replicated by more common processes such as staining. Moreover, the effect is non-aging and is far more stable to light when compared to Panga Panga and many other coloured wood types.  Finally, the fumigated wood is more elastic and less brittle, making it perfect for ornate and complex veneering.

Smoked Oak


Veneer Options

Our Smoked Veneer collection offers many beautiful wood species and styles, each with its own unique look.

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