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Smoked Veneer

Dark woods and stains are in high demand today - and to many consumers - synonymous with contemporary styling. As a result, every storefront, residence and office is exploding with espresso this, black-brown that. But as with all things popular, we believe its good to stay ahead of a trend. Dragonfly went looking for materials that complimented this current colour palette, yet offered a unique, unmistakable edge. And then, in a far off corner of Europe, we found it. A unique process of “smoking” certain species of wood that created rich colours and deep undertones we had never seen before. The results are nothing short of breathtaking. Read more >>

Veneer Options

Our Smoked Veneer collection offers many beautiful wood species and styles, each with its own unique look. We will have images online shortly showcasing veneer options and a finished application gallery. Please contact us in the meantime and we can email you more information.

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